TOEIC 練習問題 初級編(1)

合格点 60 点 ( 100 点満点 )
制限時間 10 分


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テストを開始するには [テスト開始] ボタンを押してください。

それぞれ問題の空所に入れるのに最も適切なものを、(a), (b), (c), (d) の中から1つ選択してください。(1〜10)

問題 1.

Please call me if something this computer.

問題 2.

You have to be with him.

問題 3.

I haven't paid the phone .

問題 4.

Please be and wait for your turn to play.

問題 5.

Fill in the service-inquiry form, and our sales will contact you shortly.

問題 6.

Mr. Smith is an .

問題 7.

We have been very in marketing our new jeans in Japan.

問題 8.

The man to steal the money.

問題 9.

What was the reason for canceling the shows?

問題 10.

To meet the budget, we must our spending by 15%.

それぞれの問題の下線部 (a), (b), (c), (d) には誤りが1つあります。それを選択してください。(11〜20)

問題 11.

(A) The man got (B) job (C) as (D) an English teacher.

(A) The
(B) job
(C) as
(D) an

問題 12.

(A) Don't mention (B) about this to our boss, but I'm (C) thinking of (D) quitting my job.

(A) Don't
(B) about
(C) thinking
(D) quitting

問題 13.

I (A) decided (B) going to university (C) to study (D) engineering.

(A) decided
(B) going
(C) to
(D) engineering

問題 14.

The (A) Prime Minister's (B) number one (C) priority is (D) economy growth.

(A) Prime Minister's
(B) number one 
(C) priority
(D) economy growth.

問題 15.

(A) If you (B) need legal assistance, we (C) can help you find (D) good lawyer.

(A) If
(B) need
(C) can
(D) good lawyer

問題 16.

We (A) were so (B) surprising to hear that Mr. Wood (C) was involved (D) in a traffic accident.

(A) were
(B) surprising
(C) was
(D) in

問題 17.

I knew (A) some of the top (B) execution of that company who (C) were fired (D) after the scandal.

(A) some
(B) execution
(C) were
(D) after

問題 18.

(A) The goal of (B) the seminar is (C) to enable students (D) write effectively.

(A) The
(B) the
(C) to
(D) write

問題 19.

(A) Nothing can prevent (B) us (C) to go ahead (D) with our plans.

(A) Nothing
(B) us 
(C) to go
(D) with

問題 20.

He (A) is (B) working (C) hardly (D) to buy a new house.

(A) is 
(B) working 
(C) hardly
(D) to buy