TOEIC 練習問題 初級編(2)

合格点 60 点 ( 100 点満点 )
制限時間 10 分


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問題 1.

I have questions about the product, because I would like to know more about it.

問題 2.

They are creatures with a brain that is much larger than ours.

問題 3.

They themselves down and slept, and snored roundly.

問題 4.

For more information on importing goods, contact a or an Australian Embassy.

問題 5.

She fled the country after she was to stop educating herself.

問題 6.

Jane and Janet are in many ways.

問題 7.

I'm sure you'll if you work hard.

問題 8.

You must take for your own health.

問題 9.

This program helps you to words of many foreign languages.

問題 10.

I thought his on Internet businesses was great.

それぞれの問題の下線部 (a), (b), (c), (d) には誤りが1つあります。それを選択してください。(11〜20)

問題 11.

This page (A) tells you how to (B) get informations about (C) companies from (D) a variety of sources.

(A) tells you
(B) get informations
(C) companies
(D) a variety

問題 12.

(A) The tenant have (B) lived in (C) the house (D) for ten months.

(A) The tenant
(B) lived
(C) the
(D) for ten months

問題 13.

(A) The software allows you (B) to operate (C) the hardwares and (D) calculate the data.

(A) The software
(B) to operate
(C) the hardwares
(D) calculate

問題 14.

(A) Dealers were (B) paying (C) unbelieve prices for (D) her paintings.

(A) Dealers
(B) paying
(C) unbelieve
(D) her paintings

問題 15.

We (A) hope you (B) will (C) satisfy with (D) the taste of our wine.

(A) hope
(B) will
(C) satisfy
(D) the taste

問題 16.

(A) Your good will (B) be delivered (C) directly to your office (D) in New York.

(A) Your good
(B) be delivered
(C) directly
(D) in New York

問題 17.

We have had (A) problem (B) at our factory and this is (C)causing (D) the delay.

(A) problem
(B) at our factory
(C) causing
(D) the delay

問題 18.

(A) Unfortune, as the book "English for Business People" is (B) out of stock,
we (C) will not be able to fill (D) your order at this time.

(A) Unfortune
(B) out of stock
(C) will not be able to
(D) your order

問題 19.

(A) Would you contribute your article (B) about (C) Japanese economic to (D) our monthly journal?

(A) Would you
(B) about
(C) Japanese economic
(D) our monthly journal

問題 20.

We (A) are planning to (B) wide our selection (C) of (D) flight simulation games.

(A) are planning
(B) wide
(C) of
(D) flight simulation games